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Lawyer Louis Ginsberg

Louis Ginsberg, Esq. is the head lawyer at, and founder of, the Law Firm of Louis Ginsberg, P.C (“LG, P.C.”). LG, P.C. is a firm that primarily represents employees in a wide variety of employment matters, including individual and class action litigation that involve wage and hour, discrimination, and harassment claims, as well as contract and severance negotiations. Louis Ginsberg has been practicing employment law for his whole career of about 30 years.

Louis Ginsberg has significant experience prosecuting wage and hour class and collective actions. Louis Ginsberg has been Lead and/or Co-Lead Class Counsel on several wage and hour cases that courts have certified as class actions and/or collective actions including Pierre v. Grandell Rehabilitation And Nursing Center, Inc. (Index No.: 15-cv-0967, E.D.N.Y., J. Brown)(Court certified class of 154 members, approved settlement of $562,500.00 and appointed LG, P.C. as Lead Class Counsel); and Kaye v. Orange Regional Medical Center (Index No.: 652970/2012, Orange County Sup. Ct., J. Colangelo)(Court certified Class of 77 members, approved settlement of $371,739.79 and appointed LG, P.C. as Lead Class Counsel); and Ramirez v. Riverbay (13 cv 02367, S.D.N.Y.) (JGK)(GWG))(Court certified a class of approximately 1,600 members, approved a settlement of $6.25 million and appointed LG, P.C. as Co-Lead Class Counsel); and Siewharack v. Queens Long Island Medical Group, P.C. (11 cv 03603, E.D.N.Y.)(WFK)(ARL))(Court certified Class of over 2,500 members, approved a settlement of $2,450,000 and appointed LG, P.C. as Co-Lead Class Counsel); and Ludwig v. Pret A Manger (11 cv 5677, S.D.N.Y.)(BSJ)(AJP))(Court certified Class of 172 members, approved settlement of $299,000 and appointed LG, P.C. as Co-Lead Class Counsel).

During the Fairness Hearing in Ludwig v. Pret A Manger, the Honorable Barbara S. Jones of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York stated the following:

“…I do believe that there were some issues in the case, legal issues that were complex and I think that this is an excellent result and that, counsel, you have been able to achieve that excellent result quickly…”

“…I think the most striking part of this settlement is what you have emphasized…which is that each of the members of this collective action is going to receive virtually full recovery for their claim which could not be a more excellent result.”

Each of the firms before me do have experience, substantial experience in prosecuting wage-and-hour actions such as this.”

Following Louis Ginsberg’s graduation in 1987 from the University of Chicago Law School, he has devoted his entire 30 year legal career to the practice of only employment law. Louis Ginsberg has represented employees in hundreds of employment litigations, including many wage and hour class actions as well as in almost every other type of employment dispute. These have included cases for unpaid straight and overtime wages, discrimination, sexual harassment, non-compete agreements, and breach of contract.

LG, P.C. has won numerous important employment law cases including many that have been published and received media attention. Several of these cases have established new and significant precedent in the field of employment law and have been cited by other courts. See Farrugia v. North Shore Hospital, 13 Misc. 3d 740, 820 N.Y.S.2d 718 (Sup. Ct. N.Y. Cty. 2006)(Under New York City employment law, the New York County Supreme Court ruled that a man could establish a sexual harassment case against a woman (and vice versa) merely by showing unwelcome sexual harassment based on sex. The traditional requirement that the harassment be severe and pervasive is not necessary to establish liability.); Grullon v. South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp., 185 Misc. 2d 645, 712 N.Y.S.2d 911 (Civil Court N.Y. Cty. 2000)(After a successful jury verdict in New York County Civil Court under New York employment law, which found that a recovering alcoholic was unlawfully fired based on his disability, the court ruled that the plaintiff could prove his case based on his own testimony alone without the need for a medical expert.); Buffong v. Castle on the Hudson, 12 Misc. 3d 1193, 824 N.Y.S.2d 752 (Sup. Ct. Westchester Cty. 2005)(Under New York employment law, the Westchester County Supreme Court ruled that a transgendered person could sue under the New York State Human Rights Law for employment discrimination); and Lucarelli v. New York Mercantile Exchange, 24 A.D. 3d 117, 804 N.Y.S. 2d 741 (First Dept. 2005)(Under New York employment law, the New York State Appellate Court ruled that a female employee could sue the Stock Exchange for sexual harassment rejecting the Stock Exchange’s argument that it was immune from suit under the Federal Commodity Exchange Act.)

Louis Ginsberg has authored or co-authored articles or been quoted in numerous publications such as, The American Banker, Working Woman Magazine, The New York Law Journal, The Bureau of National Affair’s Daily Labor Report, HR Magazine, The Employment Law Reporter, and The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel. His cases have also been discussed in the N.Y. Daily News, New York Post, and Staten Island Advance.

Louis Ginsberg has represented well known individuals in employment matters, including a former U.S. Open winner in golf, a former Olympic Gold Medalist and professional NBA player, and a former professional NFL player and Television Analyst. In addition, prior to founding Law Firm of Louis Ginsberg, P.C. while working at a major New York City law firm, Louis Ginsberg successfully represented a U.S. Congressman/Representative in an employment matter.

Louis Ginsberg has lectured on employment and labor issues and has previously served on the New York Chamber of Commerce Human Resource Committee. Currently, Louis Ginsberg is a member of the Nassau County Bar Association.