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Employment Discrimination

Workplace Harassment Lawyer in New York

Workplace Harassment in New York

Workplace harassment is a serious and illegal problem for many hard working New Yorkers. There are both state and federal laws that protect workers from illegal on the job harassment. Whether the harassment is a disparaging comment, an offensive remark, insulting joke or explicit photo, you have legal rights.

In order for the workplace harassment to be deemed illegal, the harassment needs to be frequent and severe. The employee must also be subject to a work environment that is deemed severely “hostile, abusive or intimidating.”

Under the New York State Human Rights Law, employees are protected from forms of harassment such as racial or ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability and sexual harassment. Also, New York City has special laws to protect workers from forms of discrimination due to someone’s partnership status, prior convictions, arrest record, and citizenship status. New York City Laws allow managers to be held liable if the manager was aware of the harassment and did nothing to stop the harassment of an employee.

You Have Legal Rights to a Safe and Harassment-Free Workplace in New York

If you feel that your legal rights were violated at your place of work, you should speak with an experienced New York workplace harassment lawyer as soon as possible. It is very important that you do not delay to learn your legal rights and the options afforded you by New York Employment Law. These types of cases have time limitations called “Statute of Limitations.”

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