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Call today to discuss your case at 1-800-LOST-JOB or 1-877-4WAGESLAW

Disability Discrimination Attorneys

New York Disability Discrimination Attorney

Although under New York disability discrimination laws it is illegal to discriminate potential new hires and current employees based on their handicap, some companies engage in this act. Under New York employment law, it is unlawful to fire an employee because of a handicap or disability.  It is also unlawful because of an employee’s disability to refuse to promote them or to deny them a raise.  It is also unlawful to harass an employee because of a disability.

If an employee with a disability requests a reasonable accommodation, an employer has to grant it, that is unless it causes the employer undue hardship.   Reasonable accommodations could be time off for a doctor’s appointment or for rehabilitation.

If an employee believes he or she has been illegally discriminated against by their current or ex-employer in New York, he or she may pursue claims under the Americans With Disabilities Act, a federal law or under The New York State and City Laws.  The definition of what constitutes a disability is very broad under the New York State Human Rights Law and under the New York City Human Rights Law.  Under these laws, a disability is defined as any “medically diagnosable impairment”.  By speaking to a New York disability discrimination attorney from our law firm, it may be determined which legal strategy is best for you.

The Law Offices of Louis Ginsberg, P.C. have handled numerous cases of disability discrimination in New York and New Jersey.  Their attorneys have been instrumental in helping expand the law in this area.  In one case, in which thee attorneys won a jury verdict, the Court ruled that their client could prove his case without the need for a medical expert.  This put more money in their client’s pocket.  There employment discrimination attorneys have represented clients with the following disabilities: heart attack and stents, cancer, diabetes, brain tumor, stroke, paraplegic, lupus, multiple sclerosis,  muscular dystrophy and many others.

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