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Call today to discuss your case at 1-800-LOST-JOB or 1-877-4WAGESLAW

Age Discrimination Attorneys

New York Age Discrimination Attorneys

Age discrimination is a very serious and illegal activity that prevents qualified and employment eligable employees from successfully attaining employment, retaining employment or receiving promotions or pay increases. Under New York anti-age discrimination law it is unlawful to fire, or to refuse to hire, an individual because of his/her age.  It is also unlawful to deny an employee a raise or a promotion because of an employee’s age or to harass an employee because of their age.

In the recent economic downturn, many companies are trying to find ways to cut costs and one of the ways they are choosing to do so is by laying off workers. While it is not unlawful for a company to try and save money by laying off portions of their workforce, it is unlawful if a company makes a choice to keep a younger employee and to let go an older employee because of that person’s age.

Among other factors, when an age discrimination case in New York is brought to trial, a court will often look to see whether ageist comments were made,  whether younger less experienced and less qualified workers were retained, while older ones were fired. The court will also look at whether the job was truly eliminated or a replacement was brought in.

The Law Offices of Louis Ginsberg, P.C. have handled numerous age discrimination cases in New York and New Jersey.  Although every New York age discrimination case and situation is different, just because you lost your job along with many others does not mean you do not have a case.  Remember, unless the company is closing down, not everyone was fired.  Your company made choices.  You may have claims resulting for a wrongful termination involving age discrimination.

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